The award:

This award was established in memory of Barry Dorfman. Having made a mid-life career change, Barry was fairly new to the field of research administration and to NCURA, but brought a wealth of prior experience to the organization. This award is intended to honor individuals who, like Barry, quickly became active and valued members of Region VI.

The following criteria will be used in considering individuals for this award. To be considered for this award, nominees must:

  • Be a current member of NCURA Region VI,
  • Have initially joined NCURA no more than 5 years ago,
  • Have demonstrated a quick willingness to offer their abilities, time, energies, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to NCURA as demonstrated through involvement with NCURA, and
  • Have served the Region in at least two different ways, including but not limited to participation on a regional and/or national NCURA Committee (including the Regional Advisory Committee), serving as an officer at the regional or national level, participating in an NCURA meeting or workshop (at either the national or regional level) as a presenter, panelist, organizer, or moderator.

Self nominations are encouraged. The nomination should include endorsements from two Region VI members. One should come from someone at the institution where the nominee is currently employed; the second one should be from someone who is external to the institution where the nominee is currently employed.


  • Nomination forms will be made available on-line to all Region VI NCURA members at least 120 days before the regional meeting. The specific deadline date for submission will be announced with the annual call for nominations.
  • The Awards Committee Chair will contact all nominators to acknowledge receipt of nominations received prior to the deadline.
  • As soon as possible after the Awardees have been selected and that information reported to the Region VI Chair, the Awards Committee Chair will notify the Awardees, their nominators and supporters in writing. The Chair will also notify the nominees not selected, including their nominators and supporters.
  • An award recipient's immediate supervisor and/or president of the recipient's institution will receive notification of the award presentation.
  • The award(s) will be made at the spring regional meeting each year. The Region VI Awards Committee Chair will present the award(s). The Chair may designate an individual to present a specific award.
  • Plaques will be given to the awardee(s).
  • Award presentation visibility will be carefully coordinated. Photographs for both historical use and NCURA Newsletter use will be planned.

Note: An award does not have to be made in each category each year. However, the Awards committee may determine that multiple awards may be given in any given category in a single year.


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