The NCURA Region VI & Region VII Educational and Professional Development (E&PD) Committees have created this website to provide Mentees, Mentors, MINTS and our Membership with useful tools to enhance their professional development and leadership skills.

Please join us on our leadership and professional development journey! To volunteer to serve in our short term Supplementary Mentors' Pool, apply to be a Mentee, Mentor, MINT or to learn more about the LEAD Me Program please contact one of the E&PD Committee Members or email Derick

Mentee / Mentor Applications should be submitted to

Committee Members/Contacts

Derick Jones Chair / Mentor
Matthew Kirk Mentor
Allison Weber Mentor
Heather Kubinec Mentor
Bidushi Bhattacharya Mentor
Mitali Ravindrakumar Mentor
Rosie Madnick Mentor Advisor

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Mentees Class of 2014

Kimberly Jackson Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Natalie Baronian LA Biomed
Myrna Lindo Cal State Fullerton
Yvette Villicana UC San Francisco
Leighsa Washington UC Irvine
Kasey Zanolli Roseman University of Health

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Mentee/Mentor Pairings

Kimberly Jackson Derick Jones
Natalie Baronian Matthew Kirk
Myrna Lindo Allison Weber
Yvette Villicana Heather Kubinec
Leighsa Washington Bidushi Bhattacharya
Kasey Zanolli Mitali Ravindrakumar

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Program Description

Adapted from the successful NCURA Leadership Development Institute designed by Gale S. Wood, Consultant, the NCURA, Region VI, Education and Professional Development (E&PD) Committee has developed a modified program to strengthen and increase the number of new and emerging leaders to serve our profession and NCURA at the regional and national levels. The year long program will focus on providing educational and professional development experiences to selected Mentees.

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Program Objectives

  • Create a supportive and interactive e-learning environment where Program participants and the membership can share knowledge to help guide selected Mentees through the leadership development process
  • Provide access to e-tools on a range of leadership and professional development topics to contribute to the development of new Region VI & VII leaders
  • Increase interest and foster long term careers in sponsored research
  • Provide opportunities to form, increase and strengthen professional contacts and relationships among the region's members
  • Further strengthen professional networks within the region's research community and beyond

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Program Plan

The “LEAD Me” Program pairs one Mentee with a Primary Mentor who serves as the main contact to assist in identifying leadership and professional development goals and objectives. S/he will also help the Mentee formulate a Leadership and/or Professional Development (L&PD) Plan, a critically important element of the Program. This Plan will include the identification of a Personal Best Leadership Project through which the Mentee will demonstrate use of Kouzes & Posner's 5 practices and 10 commitments of successful leaders. Lastly, the Primary Mentor helps in identifying short term Supplementary Mentors to form a Mentee's Support Team to provide specialized knowledge of skills needed for the implementation of the Mentee's L&PD Plan.

Use of multiple mentors ensures that each Mentee is afforded an opportunity to have his/'her needs for specialized knowledge and skills maximally addressed. No single Mentor, then, is expected to address the comprehensive range of expectations or needs of his/her assigned Mentee. Finally, this overall approach to mentoring should result in increased volunteer involvement and participation from NCURA, Region VI & VII members.

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Major Mentee Program Activities

  • Create a Leadership and/or Professional Development (L&PD) Plan
  • Read and study The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner, 4 th Edition
  • Develop a “Personal Best Leadership Project” which utilizes the 5 practices and 10 commitments espoused in The Leadership Challenge
  • Present a Poster about the preliminary status of the Personal Best Project during the Regional Meeting
  • Submit a program synopsis of the completed Project for presentation consideration at an Annual Meeting
  • Maintain a personal journal to document and reflect on Program experiences
  • Engage in on-line readings and other e-discussions
  • Maintain a Mentee-Mentor Contact Log

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Roles and Responsibilities

E&PD Committee

  • Develop LEAD Me Program and its content
  • Match Mentees with Mentors
  • Serve as advisors to Mentee-Mentor Pairs & Mentee Support Teams
  • Help resolve issues and concerns
  • Monitor Program progress
  • Provide programmatic guidance and helpful resource tools
  • Annually evaluate and prepare a report about the LEAD Me Program

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•  Mentee

  • Establish measurable and achievable leadership and/or professional development goals and objectives
  • Develop a L&PD Plan, in consultation with Mentor
  • Utilize expertise of assigned Mentors
  • Commit to making a minimum of two contacts per month with Mentor
  • Be available, responsive and respectful of time commitments
  • Complete assignments in a timely manner
  • Proactively communicate needs to Mentor
  • Remain open to feedback
  • Be an active learner
  • Seek opportunities to continually grow professionally and to contribute to NCURA's betterment at the regional and national levels

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•  Mentor

  • Assist Mentee in setting his/her goals and objectives
  • Help the Mentee devise a viable L&PD Plan
  • Be accessible to Mentee based on a mutually agreed upon schedule
  • Enthusiastically share information, skills and knowledge
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Serve as a thoughtful listener and supportive advisor
  • Encourage opportunities for professional growth within the profession and volunteer contributions to NCURA, both regionally and nationally

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  • Has been a previous mentee in the program who seeks additional experience in leadership and mentorship development
  • Assist the Mentor with monitoring the established goals and objectives created for the mentee
  • Assist the Mentor and Mentee with creating a professional development plan
  • Utilize their expertise with the program to aide mentor/ mentee pair
  • Assist Mentee with professional expertise in developing their leadership development project
  • Be available, responsive and respectful of time commitments
  • Proactively communicate mentee’s needs to Mentor and Professional Development Committee
  • Remain open to feedback to assist struggling mentee and mentors
  • Be an active learner while assisting others to learn
  • Seek opportunities to continually grow professionally and to contribute to NCURA's betterment at the regional and national levels

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Participant Comments/Suggestions to share with Committee

The E&PD Committee welcomes your input on the continuing development of this website. If you have additional reference tools that you feel will benefit our Program participants and Region VI & VII membership please send them to

Thank you for your continued support and assistance.

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