The award:

Named after its first recipient, the Linda W. Patton Emeritus Award was created to recognize those who have contributed to the success, growth, and visibility of NCURA through committee work, programming, outreach, and governance. The award intends to recognize those who work behind the scenes for NCURA, as well as those who have been honored by election to office or committee chair assignment. To be considered for this award, nominees must:

  • Be retired from research administration;
  • Have been a NCURA member for a minimum of 10 years, not necessarily consecutive, years; and
  • Have made a significant and substantial contribution to NCURA during their archival career.


  • Nomination forms will be made available on-line to all Region VI NCURA members before the regional meeting. The specific deadline date for submission will be announced with annual call for nominations.
  • The Awards Committee will review all nominations.
  • As soon as possible after the awardee(s) have been selected and that information reported to the Region VI Chair, the Awards Committee Chair will notify the awardee(s) and their nominators in writing.
  • The award(s) will be made at the spring regional meeting each year. The Region VI Awards Committee Chair will present the award(s) or may designate another individual to present the award.

The nomination must include two separate letters of nomination from two current NCURA Region VI members as well as the nominee's CV.

Note: An award does not have to be made in each category each year. However, the Awards committee may determine that multiple awards may be given in any given category in a single year.

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