2017 Region VI/VII Meeting

"Navigating Research Administration: Pioneers Adjusting to Our New Future"
Dates: November 5-8, 2017
Location: Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront - Portland, OR


Region VI - Sinnamon Tierney (Portland State University)
Region VII - Sandra Logue (University of Colorado)


Contract Negotiation/Sub Contracts/Industry Contracts
Sharing and discussion of the varied aspects of contracting, including industry and subcontract negotiation and monitoring, and extending to discussions of policies, updates, and problems that may arise in these areas.
Track Leaders: Kevin Stewart (UC Santa Barbara) & Sherrie Dennehy (USC)

Post Award
Topics include: research cost accounting; auditing; OMB requirements for universities, hospitals, private sector; matching funds issues/cost sharing; financial conflict of interest issues; facilities and administration costs; purchasing; salaries, compensation, honoraria; and travel allocability and allowability; working with sponsoring agencies and subrecipient monitoring.
Track Leaders: Ashley Stahle (Colorado State University) & Tolise Miles (University of Colorado)

Topics include: pre-award management activities at the central office; protocol development and assessment; grant and contract negotiations (including subawards); understanding terms and conditions; management of specialized programs, e.g. clinical trials; non clinical, transition/transformation of programs to new stages in research; role of research administration in institutional policy formation.
Track Leaders: Mich Pane (Stanford University) & Alexa Van Dalsem (University of Colorado)

The PUI track provides research administration information to our colleagues at "predominantly undergraduate institutions� -- two-year, four-year, masters-level, and small doctoral colleges and universities that grant baccalaureate degrees, or provide programs of instruction for students pursuing such degrees with institutional transfers (e.g., two-year schools), where undergraduate enrollment exceeds graduate enrollment, and no more than 10 Ph.D. or D.Sc. degrees are awarded per year.
Track Leaders: Kelly DelFatti (Lewis & Clark) & Julia Anderson (Southern Utah University)

Human Capital /Professional Development
Hosts sessions geared towards: human resources; EEO, workplace environment and relations management; occupational safety and health; biosafety hazards; time and effort; immigration/naturalization/Visa issues; continuing education commitment; building on personal growth and development; leadership; quality of life development; self-assessment; supervisor/staff relations; industrial/workplace psychology; emerging role of research administrators within the culture of research.
Track Leaders: Amanda Snyder (University of Washington) & Randi Wasik (University of Washington)

Systems, Management, Operations
Topics include: Electronic Research Administration and Information Technology systems, strategic planning and mission development and compliance; facilities management; social media.
Track Leaders: Barbara Inderwiesche (UC Irvine) & Tony Lashley (UC San Diego)

Departmental Administration
Departmental research administration can broadly be defined as the direct working relationship with and support to faculty in their pursuit of research funding and the administration of the funds received, as well as providing guidance for compliance on federal, state, and institutional levels on all research administrative matters. Specifically, departmental research administrators assist in proposal preparation and submission, the financial accounting and management of the research funds, and are generally the first-line, go-to person for PIs in any and all actions related to their research funding. Their mission is to provide internal and external customers with timely, quality service which facilitates achievement of the Department�s goals.
Track Leaders: Natalie Buys (University of Colorado) & Csilla Csaplar (Stanford University)

Topics include: human research; animal research; peer review; mentor/trainee responsibility and development; publications; collaborative research ethics; scientific misconduct; standards for the responsible conduct of research; and research ethics education programs, curricula, requirements, and approaches; negotiations, technology transfer; intellectual property.
Track Leaders: Deb Murphy (Arizona State University)

Topics include: the nature of �sponsorship�; defining roles and responsibilities between sponsors, grantors, awardees; private sector sponsors: technology, foundations; state sponsorship issues; federal agency updates; new initiatives in research; international agency relations; working with program officer leadership; and sponsoring agency rules.
Track Leaders: Deb Murphy (Arizona State University)

Workshops are full and half day. They are designed for maximum participation and exchange of information. The format often involves doing work on a particular issue or area during the workshop time. Participants will leave the workshop with a rough plan or tools to address challenges or issues at their institution. There is a separate fee to attend, which typically includes extra materials.
Track Leaders: Rosemary Madnick (University of Alaska) & Nancy Lewis (UC Irvine)

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